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From indicators to algos, Unbiased Trading unlocks the benefits of coding in your trading, without needing to learn it. Access the best retail backtesting and algorithmic developers that are powering the biggest retail traders and achieve your trading goals, faster.

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Let us handle the coding,
Save yourself years of pain!

Learning to code is a full-time commitment, demanding time, effort, and consistency, but It's essential for transforming your trading with custom backtests, indicators, and algorithms.

That's why I created Unbiased Trading, to give you access to things that only hedge funds and eight-figure traders, who can hire a team of quants and coders, have.

All at a fraction of the cost.

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Traders we have worked with

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Justin Flynn

Justin faced uncertainty if what we was trading had statistical edge.

We pulled 4 years of data on 3 separate strategies & built custom auto-updating equity graphs.

By outsourcing backtesting and dataset analysis, Justin focused on his strengths & used the insights to confidantly size into his best setups & improve profitability.

A twitter review.

Jason struggled with stops & targets, resulting in arbitrary decisions and losses.

We backtested his strategies using varying datasets and established real time probabilities.

Jason's winrate increased by 10% from 45% - 55% in the previous year.

" If I did this years ago, probably wouldn't have had a red 2022 and would have had much more profitable years. "
- @jmt415 | Backtesting

A live equity curve showing when the trader started working with me and his performance after.

As a part-time trader, Corey found that his biggest loss days were the first days back in the market.

We built a market bot that gives all statistics needed to understand current market conditions + a 5 year data set.

The graph shows when Corey began using data to influence his execution >

A equity curve showing performance after working with me.

Spang lacked heavy conviction in his discretionary trading.

Together we gathered precise data on a specific gapper criteria with unique price action to develop a more systematic approach.

Spang's winrate increased from 62% to 74% with slightly higher reward-to-risk ratios due to better timing in his trades.

" Biggest thing was being able to test ideas myself, and figured out a volume formula to help me time gappers way better. "
- @SpangTrades | Gapper data


Gabriel wanted a systematic strategy, but lacked confidence by not having the ample data he needed from manual data gathering.

We created a dataset of all 20%+ gappers over the past 5 years with very detailed intraday price action.

Gabriel now trades with more confidence in his targets & stop losses, allowing him to distance his emotions from his trades.

" I don't get nervous from a losing streak because I now KNOW my edge will be there soon. "
- Gabriel | Gapper data


Evan wanted more confidence in his trades, but didn't have the data or know-how to apply it to make data-driven decisions.

The 5 year gapper data pull + dashboard helped build his systematic framework after establishing a foundation of data application.

Evan gained real applicable insight into his trades and how to effectively quantify + analyze data to boost conviction.

" Working with you was a huge asset & really set the experience apart & made it better & more helpful than other services that I've used. "
- Evan | Gapper data


Jacob faced uncertainty that the data he collected had no biases that would have negative effects.

We pulled hisorical data from to analyze a specific pattern & went over correct data tracking methods.

Jacob is now sure that the data he tracks has no biases and has historical edge based on his pattern criteria.

" After seeing what you are about & the way you use data to assist your trading; its what I was looking for. "
- Jacob | Historical data pulls


When I first started working with JC, he was struggling with executing his discretionary trading system perfectly every time.

Together, we not only backtested his strategy but also built it out into a full algorithm on Ninjatrader.

Since transitioning, JC has seen a significant jump in his profits, with an average increase of 20%.

The result of 100% algorithmic execution.

" It opened the possibility to a entire new world where multiple strategies can be automated with more accurate results. Its important for me to try to reduce human mistakes."
- JC | ES futures algorithm

Day Trader Jeff

" I got in touch with mounir & we've worked on a couple projects together & I purchased his bootcamp.

Presently, July was my best month ever PNL wise.

Although I finished last week down about 1R after fees, I'm confident that I'll be able to keep my equity curve going up. "

A equity curve from Tradersync showing performance after working with me.

How it works ?

Turning your experience into criteria's!

During our free consultation call, we'll dedicate the first 10 minutes to listening to all your ideas, whether it's about a custom indicator or transforming a strategy into automated execution.

Once we grasp your idea, we'll proceed to "quantify" it, meaning we will convert your trading observations or strategy into criteria that can be coded, enabling accurate backtesting and automation.

Typically, this process can consume months of effort for traders, but with our experience in building over 1000 backtests,

We have a framework and techniques to efficiently convert any idea into code.

A framework of how to quantify a strategy.
A twitter review of my services creating an algo.

Unlike any other coding service.

Never again deal with software engineers who are clueless about trading and charge you extra hours for their lack of understanding while leaving you with an unsatisfactory product with missing trading logic, resulting in inaccurate results.

I've been coding for 10 years, and collectively, the Unbiased Trading team has been coding for over 22 years.

Unlike other software engineers with no trading experience, I've been trading for over 4 years, and the Unbiased Trading team has been trading for 15 years.

Making us the go to experts when you need the benefits of coding to improve your trading.

The process

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